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Christian Tae Kwon Do, llc
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Meaning of Belt Colors
 White represents the purity of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It also represents a clean slate, the beginning of a journey, as when one begins a relationship with God.

Yellow represents the sunrise.   As Jesus rose after 3 days, so too will we when He returns.  The sun reminds us of God's grace pouring on us from above, giving us the ultimate gift: Eternal Life.
Orange is the color of sunset.  It is the promise of God's omnipresence.  As surely as the Sun goes down each day it will rise again the next.   Even though we do not always see the sun it is always there and we can depend on it to give us light and warmth the next day.  All the more so with God, who created the Sun, the Universe and each one of us.

Green is the color of growth.   We continually grow in our relationship with the Lord. Green reminds us that we are all a part of God's creation, a work in progress.
Purple represents the Royalty and Holiness of Lord Jesus Christ's reign on earth and
 in Heaven.   We aspire to be like Jesus, knowing that we will never be perfect.

Blue represents the sky and Heaven where our Lord lives and watches over us.   We desire to live with Him in our eternal Life, and know that we may only get to Heaven through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Brown represents the earth, where our Lord was buried after his crucifixtion and before he became the Risen Christ.  Here the student must work to till the soil of the martial arts, to dig out the riches of knowledge needed to reach the next level in Christianity and Tae Kwon Do.
Red represents Christ's blood which was shed for us.   It also represents heat and fire which are the trials and difficulties in life that refine us.   The sword of a master sword maker is heated, folded, and pounded--hundreds of times.   This hardening process makes the blade sharp, strong, and a work of art and love.   So too in our daily life we face difficulties that refine us and make us better, stronger Christians.   Christians do not shirk difficult tasks and troubles.   We persevere and persist and know that God never gives us anything that we are not equipped to handle -- WITH HIS HELP.
Black represents a major step in your journey with Christ.   It is the beginning of a more enlightened walk with Jesus. Combining yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, and red produces black. Black represents the combined knowledge of the lower levels in Christian Tae Kwon Do training.  As we mature we are better prepared to appreciate the Gift of eternal salvation, and responsibility and debt of service which we owe our Lord.   The journey with God is neverending.  We continue to learn to be better Christians through our martial art training  The black belt phase of our walk with God must be approached as a new beginning.  It means to start again with a new innocence, reaching not for a goal of achievement, but of Godliness and service.