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Christian Tae Kwon Do
Martial Arts for Mind, Body, and Soul...
Kickboxing, T'ai Chi and Judo Programs
Christian T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi is Ideal for Seniors

1. Stronger Knees and Ankles
2. Better Balance and Flexibility
3. Improved Immune System Function
4. More Confidence
5. Better Coordination / Fewer Falls
6. Reduced Pain / Less Medication Required
7. Increased Range of Motion
8. Healing Power of the Holy Spirit
Relaxation is the most important principle in T'ai Chi.  Stress robs us of the ability to breath, think, fight off disease, and withstand the assault of the world and Satan on our Spirit.   In Christian T'ai Chi we re-train ourselves to breath and relax through self-control and discipline, and most importantly by practicing to present all our fears and worries to God, trusting in His awesome Will to rule our lives.   We can then concentrate on meditating on God's Holy Word, and the faith and protection it provides to our Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Christian T'ai Chi does not teach other religious philosphies concerning the body and where our good health is derived.   Increased oxygen in the blood and improved circulation to our internal organs, connective tissue, and joints is combined with the healing power of the Holy Spirit.  No new energy is created.  Energy that already exsists is released within the body. The seven major energy centers taught in traditional t'ai chi are not a focus of training.

Memorization is completely de-emphasized.  When students focus on memorization of a form in class the benefits of T'ai Chi are lost as they fail to relax and breath correctly to obtain root (our connection to the earth).  A form is learned over long periods of time as the student allows the movements to become a true expression of self.   Gradually the student remembers the form without having the stress of trying to remember it.

Christian T'ai Chi explores the unequalled and unlimited energy available through the Holy Spirit's presence within us.   The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity of Father (God), Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. The Peace and Joy of the Holy Spirit transcends understanding and protects our minds and hearts (Phil 4:7).

Experiencing God's energy work through us requires total submission to God's will.   That submission can only happen when we are still enough to understand and discern the difference between God's will and our own.   This is accomplished through martial arts training of the mind, body and soul, and by studying and meditating on his Holy Word.  Training includes prayer, meditation, discipline, self-control, and faith.

T'ai Chi

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